Foley Catheter Securement

Foley Catheter Holders – Legbands

  • 2” wide leg band made of stretch material
  • Fits most adults and children
  • Won’t move up and down leg
  • Alternating use between legs assists in reducing skin breakdown
  • #606XL for Bariatric or waist belt use
  • Cost effective
  • #606S – Premium non-slip Silicone Beaded leg band to prevent movement down the patients leg
  • Dimensions:
    #606: 35″ (max length) x 2″
    #606XL: 87.5″ (max length) x 2″
    #606S: 39″ (max length) x 2″

Foley Catheter Holder – Adhesive Patch

  • Secures and stabilizes all styles of Foley catheters (silicone or latex, two or three port)
  • Hypo-allergenic medical grade adhesive
  • Disposable
  • Non-sterile
  • Non-swivel locking system reduces potential catheter kinking and twisting
  • Adjustable Velcro® EZ-Tabs allow for simple release, inspection, cleaning, and reattachment
  • Minimizes dislodgements, traction, and pistoning
  • Reduces inventory and provides cost saving
  • Individually packaged in boxes of 50 each

Multi-Tube Holder – Adhesive Patch

  • Can be used as MultiTube holder – Foley Catheter Holder, Jejunostomy and Gastrostomy Tube Holder, and other tubes and ports
  • Quick release Velcro® locking system allows for easy tube management and repositioning
  • Skin friendly, medical grade adhesive is secure and well tolerated
  • Individually packaged in boxes of 50 each
Product Image PART # Description Price
606S Foley Catheter Legband with Silicone Price Inquiry
606XL Foley Catheter Legband, XL Price Inquiry
5445 Multi-Tube Holder Price Inquiry
606 Foley Catheter Legband Price Inquiry
650 FoleyLoc – Adhesive Foley Catheter Securement Price Inquiry